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Carla Naumburg, PhD, is a clinical social worker and writer. She is the author of Ready, Set, Breathe: Practicing Mindfulness with Your Children for Fewer Meltdowns and a More Peaceful Family (New Harbinger, 2015) and Parenting in the Present Moment: How to Stay Focused on What Really Matters (Parallax, 2014). Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post, among other places. Carla provides support, education, and psychotherapy to parents in her private practice outside of Boston, where she lives with her husband, two young daughters, and totally insane kitten.

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No, I Don’t Want Your Unsolicited Parenting Advice

“Have you tried cooking with her?” This is the question I usually get whenever I describe my eight-year-old daughter’s selective eating. For years I’ve responded to such unsolicited advice by describing all of the different tricks and tactics I’ve tried, including,...

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When The Kids Are Sick and the Parents Work, Nobody Wins

“Remind me again when you have work calls today?” My husband has already answered that question at least twice this morning, but I am too distracted by my own mental Tetris to hear his response. I have clients at 10 and 11, and a meeting at 1. I can call into the...

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