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Ready, Set, Breathe: Practicing Mindfulness with Your Children for Fewer Meltdowns and a More Peaceful Family

My second book will be published by New Harbinger Publications on December 1, 2015. It is now available for pre-order on and other online book sellers.

From the back cover:

Parenting can be stressful, and when your kids throw tantrums, it’s not easy to keep your cool—let alone calm them down. Children are just learning how to manage big feelings, pay attention, and make skillful choices, and they don’t always get it right. Unpleasant power struggles can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless, and your child feeling even more upset and stressed. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ready, Set, Breathe is a must-have book with real solutions to help you and your little ones deal with everyday challenges and difficult emotions mindfully. With these fun games, activities, and exercises, you’ll be ready to keep your composure and use mindfulness with your children, giving them the skills they need to better manage stress, strong emotions, and attention problems. Meltdowns happen, but with this book, you’ll know just what to do to restore the peace.

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Parenting In Present Moment Cover Small

Parenting in the Present Moment: How to Stay Focused on What Really Matters

Here’s what one of my readers had to say about my first book:

“I want Carla to move in with me.

But since I can’t have that, I can have her book, and her consistent reminders to be gentle, curious, and to lighten-up. As a psychologist, I know intellectually that what matters most is being present, grounded and connected. But as a parent, I have a fantasy that I can follow a recipe and it will suddenly become easy and guarantee that my children are happy and healthy. Yet, the more I chase this fantasy of certainty, the more tightly wound I become, and paradoxically, more cranky, impatient, judgmental, and disconnected.

Since reading Carla’s book, I can honestly say that I am a different parent, and person. I am now committed to a mindfulness practice, because I need to strengthen my ability to stay present and deliberate in those moments (many of them) when I want to get reactive. Since I’ve been practicing mindfulness more regularly, I am more relaxed, kinder to myself, more patient, and more creative. It is not perfect. I am not perfect. My kids are not perfect. We are all struggling, because that’s what living and loving are about. Instead of fighting the struggle, I accept, and ever now and again I can even delight in it.

If you want the parenting book that will make you stop reading parenting books, get this one. Read it from cover to cover. You will be glad you did.”

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download copyThe Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality

I am so pleased to have an essay titled “Mama Don’t Cook” in the new anthology, The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality, edited by Avital Norman Nathman.

This book is widely available, and was recently listed as one of “15 Parenting Books You’ll Actually Want to Read.”

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pewWho are We Now? Interpreting the Pew Study on Jewish Identity in America Today

My response to the Pew Study was included in this new eBook on Pew and Jewish Identity. It’s now available as a Kindle download from